Cellar Star

Cellar Star keeps track of your wines so you can enjoy them at their best

Collect Wine - Track and Enjoy

Whether you have a cellar filled with wine or are just saving a few cases in a hall closet, it's easy to lose track of what you have.  Cellar Star is designed with this in mind. 

  • Add wine to your Cellar Star inventory by simply entering a few details.
  • Make informed selections from your cellar. 
  • Focus your choices on wines that are ready to open. 
  • Have confidence that your inventory is up to date. 
  • Spend less time managing your cellar and more time enjoying it.

Easily Add and Select Wines

  • Import from existing Cellar Tracking applications and spreadsheets.
  • Full iCloud support keeps your inventory synchronizes across your devices, and enables backup and restore to your iCloud Drive.
  • Predictive text, that knows your collection and the wine regions of the world, makes entering wine details easy.
  • Select wines ready for opening using built in sorting and filtering options designed to focus on how you like to make your choices: by name, star rating, year, place and origin, and more. 

Manage Your Collection

  • Configure cellars and bins to match your storage layout.
  • Rate each wine on a five star scale, target the best years for opening.
  • Reconcile what's actually in storage with your Cellar Star inventory.

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